Dyscalculia & Manipulatives

Basic concepts are crucial for our daily lives.  Children with Developmental Dyscalculia face difficulty in learning basic arithmetic skills. These then have difficulty learning and recalling basic number facts, poor understanding of the signs and problems understanding place value, sequencing, and comprehending mathematical language and phrases. 

Can virtual manipulatives be used to enhance basic arithmetic for those with dyscalculia?  A study was carried out and found that virtual manipulatives enhance the basic arithmetic skill of those with Dyscalculia and also enhance their motivation to learn Mathematics.  The full document may be read here:  file:///C:/Users/plane/Downloads/EffectofvirtualmanipulativesinenhancingBasicarithmeticamongchildrenwithdsycalculai.pdf 

Take a look at some of these virtual manipulatives and see what you think!  


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