What is The Shine Learning Programme?

The Programme provides explicit, multi-sensory, systematic learning to develop the core skills essential for literacy development.

Starting with the alphabet, short vowel sounds, memory, comprehension and visual processing, we start to develop our reading and spelling. The Shine Method is the amalgamation of many years of experience. It encourages analysis of information we process using our eyes, ears and motor skills; ensuring learnt information goes from short to long-term memory. This is particularly useful for high frequency words and for words that do not follow the usual phonetic conventions.

The Programme follows research-based OG methods. It is the perfect accompaniment to Alpha to Omega, MSL etc; but The Programme provides expert instruction, without the need for additional intervention on the journey to language development.

Mastery of core skills is encouraged before progression. Experiential learning is an important part of each unit, encouraging each learner to apply skills to their day-to-day life.

An integral part of The Programme is the specific instruction in phonology, sound-symbol associations, as well as syllable structure, morphology, syntax and semantics.

The downloadable eWorkbooks is a familiar and accessible format for all ages. Each unit incorporates a dyslexia-friendly font, follows ‘best practice’ for those with visual stress and provides a certificate of completion to encourage the learner and improve confidence.

Reading and spelling tests are included to determine base levels and to monitor progress. Jill, the author, offers online, weekly support to encourage an exchange of ideas, marking of tests and activities and to provide a supportive community.

We hope the online support encourages everyone to ask questions and share experiences and to build confidence for parents and tutors alike. Please get in touch if you need any help or have any questions. For those needing specialist resources we have started The Shine Learning Programme Membership. Those cost of this is just £5.00 and provides each family help when most needed. What can you buy for £5.00?

Membership of The Shine Learning Programme gives you the following:

Specialist dyslexia support – 2 downloads of our eBooks, per month. Each eBook is written by experts. All downloads have this image to make finding your resources easy. Unlimited use within one family. One child or five? One price only!

Reading and spelling age tests, with a marking service to monitor progress.

Unlimited online support in our closed Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/317556438910373/?ref=bookmarks

Guidance, support and community. Let experts help you take control of your child’s or student’s learning.

Functional skills resources – both maths and English. SEN-friendly.

Online seminars – our first one will be ‘Supporting our children at home’, coming soon!

How to become a member: complete the form below. Jill will then send you a welcome message as a new member of The Shine Learning Programme. You will receive a notification email confirming your membership. You are then free to download the resources to help support your family or students, just let us know and we will send, by return, your chosen resource. All resources with (M) next to them are part of our membership package. Just click on the blue £5.00 membership button to set up your monthly subscription. Thanks for joining us!