Functional Skills: Lessons

What support is available at Planet Diversity?

Functional skills: Maths and English and dyslexia, dyscalculia support for learners of all ages.

With small group sizes and personalised support, Planet Diversity has a 100% pass rate for ALL learners for both maths and English functional skills, regardless of age, and additional needs. Personalised learning is an educational approach that aims to customise learning for each person, incorporating a learner’s strengths, needs, skills and interests. Assessment of need is a continuous process, identifying and reassessing goals throughout each course.

About our weekly lessons.

Duration: 45-minutes

Cost: £9.00 per lesson

What’s included? All resources are provided before a lesson in our closed Messenger group. These resources provide the activities for use during the lesson, homework and extension activities. We also provide one-to-ones between lessons to go over anything that needs a little more work, at no extra cost.

How does Planet Diversity achieve this?

  1. Learners acquire skills that go beyond academia and will help in the future.
  2. Engaging in self-assessment helps learners develop self-reflective abilities.
  3. Sharing in goal-setting helps to develop motivation and reliability and self-advocacy.
  4. The use of technology is life-changing for learners, particularly those with additional needs.
  5. Allow learners to play a part in their learning experience by identifying both personal goals and together, those of the group.
  6. Give learners multiple opportunities to demonstrate knowledge.
  7. Make learning flexible to allow for a change in goals and to work at one’s own pace. This gives ownership of learning to each person.
  8. Learners with specific needs, in a personalised environment are able to learn without the feeling of being ‘different’.

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