Touch typing: Englishtype Junior & Senior £5 off!

Englishtype and BBC Schools Bitesize Dance Mat Typing

When the BBC wanted to develop an online program for touch typing for kids, their team looked at the other typing tutors around and they decided Englishtype’s design and approach was the one they liked best.  So they invited Englishtype’s Educational Psychologist, Jo, to be the consultant and educational designer of their program – BBC BiteSize Dance Mat Typing.

Educational & Entertaining

  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist
  • Built by award winning game designers to make learning fun
  • Designed for the UK National Curriculum
  • Extra Literacy benefits whilst teaching typing
  • Unique colour coding boosts muscle memory learning
  • Multi-sensory design and Special Needs friendly
  • Early emphasis on accuracy only, later exclusive speed exercises
  • Specialists in teaching typing: 25+ years in schools and at home
  • Uses real words from Lesson 1, unlike other programs…
  • Uses age relevant & useful vocabulary, particularly high frequency words
  • No nonsense words or random letter strings that are frustrating, confusing and damaging to literacy skills
  • Select from 4 levels of language difficulty
  • Teacher Admin package for Teachers & Schools
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