“Do You Have Dyscalculia Or Dyslexia? Or Maths Anxiety?”

Whether we have dyscalculia or dyslexia or maybe we have just not acquired the basic number skills that will support our independence, a new course is now available.  This is the first in a series of three courses, for learners who want to develop their number skills, and gain qualifications or to improve self-confidence with numbers.  It is not necessary to take these courses (or exams) in any particular order.

Learn New Skills * Improve Confidence * Gain Qualifications

Many of our learners use this as a stepping-stone to Levels 1 & 2.

Each course follows the Functional Skills curriculum. What are Functional Skills? Functional skills are qualifications in Maths, English and Digital Skills that people may access to improve employment chances & gain access to higher education institutions such as universities.  Maths and English Level 2 qualifications are important for most jobs and university courses. These qualifications are equivalent to a level 4/C GCSE. 

Entry Levels = pre-GCSE skills

Level 1 = equivalent to a 3/D at GCSE

Level 2 = equivalent to a 4/C or above at GCSE

We help people of all ages & abilities to achieve their functional skills in Maths & English.  We specialise in opening up qualifications for those with additional needs, particularly those with dyslexia, dyscalculia and ASD.  Multisensory learning is seen as ‘best practice’ for all learners and their learning needs.

Just 1 price for everything you need to succeed and achieve qualifications from home.  No additional resources are needed to complete any of our courses and exams (exams payable at extra cost).

What’s included?

Lifetime access to one learner

All resources for Entry Levels 1, 2 & 3

Multisensory course, specifically aimed at those with dyscalculia and dyslexia

Follows ‘best practice’ for ALL learners to achieve the best results 

Monthly meets via Zoom for those supporting learners or for learners themselves

Online exams from home

A free re-sit for those who may need it

Exam Preparation

Self-directed learning for all ages Use tried & tested methods that have produced a 100% pass rate, regardless of any additional needs

Cost:  £99.00. This is at least £100.00 less than other non-SEN & the only organisation providing specialist SEN support!  Get in touch for further information by completing the form below.