Functional skills & exams

Online tests are now available! NCFE (Exam board) has given us access to online tests for both Levels 1 and 2 for English, maths and ICT. With just a couple of days notice, book your tests at a time and place to suit.

Please be aware that the following service is provided by a partnered organisation, that we have approached to support our learners so that they can access online functional skills exams for English, maths and ICT. Planet Diversity does not provide courses or tuition for ICT. We do not benefit financially, from any exams arranged with Learn for Life Enterprise, by any of our families. Hayley is happy to ‘meet’ online before the Speaking and Listening test is taken to reduce any anxiety.

Learn for Life Enterprise, is happy to provide a FREE re-sit if needed. This is a great opportunity to use one attempt at the exams as a ‘mock’, to reduce anxiety and to take the pressure off our learners. It also saves families a lot of money!

All sections of each subject may be taken individually, so there is no pressure to complete all sections of each subject on the same day.

Bookings can normally be made within 48 hours. Access arrangements will need additional time.

The exams can be taken at any time, any day over a 6 week period from home with remote invigilation under exam conditions.

For the learner to sit a remotely invigilated assessment they would need the following equipment/environment:

• Laptop/desktop with webcam and microphone
• Wi-Fi connection (Min 1Mbit/s Upload | Min 10Mbit/s Download)
• Smartphone or Tablet (Apple iOS 8.0 / Android 4.1 or higher)
• Suitable test environment (quiet room with no distractions).

The laptop/desktop will run the assessment software and then the smart phone or tablet is used to record the learner and the assessment. The assessment itself cannot be undertaken on a smartphone or tablet. This video explains how the assessment/room is set up: Instructions for Taking a Test Online – Surpass, Powering Assessment

The costs of the exams are:

English – £150 (including a free re-sit)

Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening 

Individual English units:
Reading (including free resit) – £70
Writing (including free resit) – £70
Speaking and Listening (including free resit) – £50

Maths – £95 (including a free re-sit)

For further information, please contact Hayley Nelson:
Learn For Life Enterprise 
241 – 243 London Road
S2 4NF