FREE Dyslexia Support & Resources

To celebrate the month of October being Dyslexia Awareness Month, Planet Diversity is providing free of charge, one lesson per day.  This means there will be 31 free lessons throughout October, alongside the resources used in each lesson.  

The plan is to continue posting weekly lessons after this time.

Please subscribe and share to get specialist support to all who need it, regardless of age and circumstance. 

Resources are posted below each video in the comments section on YouTube.

The videos may be found below in the order in which they should be accessed.

Lesson 1 


Lesson 2 


Lesson 3: 

Resources: to be able to access these resources, go to, then confirm your email:

Lesson 4

Resources: Here are the links to the games – Alphabetical Order 1: Alphabetical Order 2: Alphabetical Order 3: Printable upper and lower case alphabet:…

Lesson 5 

Click For Resources:  L21_-1